Long-term rentals

ORYX Rent a car offers long term vehicle rental, defined by monthly rentals and mileage for each individual vehicle with a flexible service tailored to needs of small and big companies.

Sounds like classical leasing? Well, it’s not. This is why:

Financial advantages in comparison to classical leasing:
  • No participation
  • No replacement costs in financial records
  • No registration, insurance and maintenance expenses, which means easier expense control – one bill for everything  
Operative advantages in comparison to classical leasing:
  • No expenses for controlling or running your car fleet
  • No need to register, insure or evaluate your car
  • Free substitute vehicle while your vehicle is being repaired or in preparation for use
  • Vehicle delivery and pick up at all hours and at any location on the territory of Croatia
  • Account manager and a network of ORYX offices which take care of your requests 24/7, no matter if it is a car service/exchange or a new order

What does long term rental includes?


  • Order made by a lessee
  • Responsibility for picking up and delivering a vehicle

Vehicle registration (vehicle registration expense, annual check-up expense, tolls and annual road tax)

  • Vehicle insurance
  • Basic insurance
  • Automobile and personal liability insurance with 3 damages in the insured year, covered entirely and without franchise
  • Expenses for all other possible damages are charged to the user of the rented vehicle
  • Insurance is also valid on the territory of Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • Regular vehicle service which is requested by the manufacturer, depending on vehicle brand
  • Repairing and fixing all engine troubles during the rental period
  • Substitute vehicle for an unlimited period of time
  • Tire maintenance
  • Tire exchange every 30,000 km
  • Winter tires and equipment

Account manager

  • Takes care of your requests
  • Available 24 hours a day, all year round
  • All problems are solved with one person


  • Simpler expense control – one bill for everything