About us

ORYX Rent a car offers a top quality and dependable vehicle rental service. It operates as a part of Zubak Group, the leading national group in vehicle sale and maintenance with more then 40 years of experience. We are just like an oryx: a strong, fast and elegant antelope which embodies freedom and the spirit of adventure.

ORYX Rent a car offers you the rental services of wide range of vehicles, from smaller to premium class vehicles.. All our vehicles have air-conditioning and our clients can rent child safety seats, sophisticated GPS devices and WiFi devices for mobile internet.

Besides the equipment, quality, and the high safety standards of our vehicles, the ORYX Rent a car offers services such as returning a rented vehicle in another location, affordable long-term vehicle rentals, delivering and picking up vehicles at any location in Croatia, local and intercity rentals with a driver.

What is the opinion of customers of vehicle rental services in Croatia? Independent surveys in 2012 and 2013 resulted in us receiving two awards – QUDAL, top Quality meDAL for the best quality in the business segment, and the Best Buy Award, for the best ratio of cost and service quality.