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Long-term car rental is an ideal and extremely practical solution for all business and individual users who want to have top-quality vehicles at their disposal, but without additional worries about the costs of vehicle maintenance and registration.

We take care of vehicle maintenance, servicing, registration, insurance, tires replacement (winter-summer) according to country’s laws and road conditions, as well as vehicle delivery and collection.

The minimum period for long-term car rental is 30 days, no matter if you are a legal entity or a natural person, and it is possible to rent as many vehicles as you need - from one vehicle up to more than 100. Whatever the needs of your fleet, at ORYX we offer you complete service flexibility and fixed monthly costs.

With us, you get a tailor-made service, as well as a tailor-made offer, and there will never be any surprises. All costs are fixed and are issued on a single invoice for maximum efficiency and easy cost control. Of course, all agreed terms are subject to change if YOU request them, or if you wish to adjust or add certain items.

We are here for you and we adapt to your needs. Contact us today and choose your ideal vehicle for long-term rental.

What does ORYX long-term car rental include?

What does ORYX long-term car rental include?

All you have to do is to choose your ideal vehicle and leave all the other details to us! With us you get everything in one place, including:

  1. Vehicle delivery and collection:
    • Door-to-door service available on request - we deliver and pick up the vehicle from the desired location
  2. Vehicle registration:
    • Vehicle registration costs
    • Technical inspection and road toll costs
    • Annual tax on road-legal motor vehicles
  3. Maintenance:
    • Regular service required by the manufacturer, depending on the vehicle brand
    • Repairs in the case of a breakdown during the lease
    • Replacement vehicle for an unlimited period
    • Tire maintenance
    • Tires change every 30.000 km
    • Winter tires and winter equipment
  4. Effective financial control:
    • Easy cost control – only one invoice
  5. Account manager:
    • A person who takes care of all your requirements
    • A person that is available to you 24 hours a day all year round
    • You solve all problems that may arise with one person, quickly and efficiently
  6. Vehicle insurance:
    • Basic car insurance
    • Casco insurance with three claims in the insurance year, covered in full

    * The insurance is also valid in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina
    * Costs for other possible damages are calculated separately at the expense of the lessee

Long-term car rental sounds like a classic leasing to you?

It is not! In fact, they differ in many ways, and what stands out are the numerous financial and operational advantages over conventional leasing.

  • When it comes to financial benefits, long-term car rental in ORYX means:
    • No participation
    • There is no depreciation of vehicles expressed in the business books
    • There are no registration, insurance, and maintenance costs, which immediately means simpler cost control - one bill for all
  • And with all the operational benefits of a long-term rental at ORYX, your time will be spent more efficiently and on more important things because:
    • There is no need to allocate funds for the control and management of the vehicle fleet
    • No need to waste time dealing with vehicle registration, or insurance
    • In case of malfunction, you get a free replacement vehicle for the entire duration of repairs
    • You have the option for the car to be delivered and collected at any location in Croatia
    • You get an account manager and a wide network of ORYX branches that take care of your requirements 24 hours a day, whether it is a service, replacement, or a new order
Comparison of long-term car rental and classic leasing

Comparison of long-term car rental and classic leasing

To better show you the differences between these two services, i.e. the advantages of long-term car rental over classic leasing, we have singled out some of the main differences:

No documentation for leasing approval and company credit rating checks
No financial participation
No contract processing cost
Possibility of earlier return of the vehicle without costs
Possibility to replace the rented vehicle with another model
Registration and technical inspection
Regular and unscheduled vehicle maintenance
Basic and Casco insurance
Replacement vehicle in case of failure or damage
Roadside assistance included
Seasonal tire replacement and storage
Vehicle delivery and collection service
Motor vehicle tax
Possibility to purchase a long-term parking ticket for rental vehicles
One invoice
Vehicles available immediately

Long-term car rental at ORYX is always the right choice. In addition to vehicles of top safety and service standards, with us you always get top customer service. We will make sure that the whole long-term rental process is as simple and easy as possible.

At ORYX, you get everything you need in one place - and on one invoice!

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Here you can find all additional information related to the monthly car rental in ORYX Rent a car, as well as answers to some of the most frequently asked questions of users.

For everything else, feel free to contact us via the online form, by e-mail at customerservice@oryx-rent.hr or, if you have already rented a vehicle, contact your account manager directly.