By paying daily additional passenger insurance (Personal Accident Insurance – PAI) the driver and passengers are insured against accidents in case of death and disability to the extent prescribed by the insurance company in which ORYX’s vehicle is insured.


(Wheel, Underside & Glass Insurance) – this optional rate includes coverage which provides protection for damages to tires, rims or hubcaps, underside and glass. WUG does not cover the risks of damage to the inside of the vehicle (unless it results from an accident).


If the user has a CDW+ insurance policy, their liability for the damage to the vehicle is reduced to HRK 0.00, i.e. in case of damage to the vehicle the user does not pay even the amount of the franchise. CDW + does not cover the risks of: destruction / damage to the tire, rim or hubcap, destruction / damage to the underside of the vehicle, the vehicle interior (unless the interior is damaged in an accident) and glass.

There is a 60-minute grace period for returns. When collecting the vehicle at the counter, check how late can you be since in exceptional cases there is a longer grace period at no extra charge.

Yes. If you want or need to change your reservation, select Change or cancellation reservation or check the number of your reservation and call +385 (0)1 2900 333 or  email at reservations@oryx-rent.hr

In case of accident or theft / disappearance of the vehicle, the user is required to call the police and request a police record of the incident and contact the nearest ORYX office for further instructions.

If the vehicle is booked directly through ORYX, upon your return you are required to pay for the period the vehicle was in your lease. If you book a vehicle through online agencies, it is necessary to check their rental conditions.

You can take our vehicles to other countries. Before collecting the vehicle, it is necessary to announce to ORYX that you intend to go to other countries, for which ORYX may charge an additional fee pursuant to the Tariff (cross-border fee).

Credit card serves as a guarantee of payment. When collecting the vehicle we authorize your credit card (we reserve assets) on the amount of your liability (the amount depends on the type of insurance to which you consent). If at the end of the lease, you pay by the same credit card, the difference between the final price and the amount of the authorization unblocks usually for 24 hours. If you pay with cash or by another card, the time required to unblock the funds depends on your bank. Usually this is 30 days from the start of the lease.

The basic insurance policy limits the user’s liability for damage to ORYX’s vehicle up to the amount of franchise/accident participation. The User who has the basic insurance policy is liable for damages up to the amount of the franchise if he has a police record of the incident, according to the ORYX tariff for the relevant class of vehicle.

Basic insurance policy does not cover the following risks:

  • destruction / damage to tires
  • rim or hubcap
  • destruction / damage to the underbody
  • vehicle interior and glass

We recommend paying at the end of the lease by the same credit card which was pre-authorized, while, depending on your bank, the excess funds should be released within a few days. Otherwise, your funds can be blocked up to 30 days, depending on your bank, not on ORYX.

No. You are required to buy a vignette at the border crossing.

No. You are required to have a credit card in order to collect the vehicle.

The vehicles can be returned at our rental partners outside Croatia at the following locations with a special fee:

Budapest (Hungary), Ljubljana and Maribor (Slovenia), Belgrade (Serbia), Sarajevo and Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Podgorica, Tivat (Montenegro).

All vehicles that we have in our fleet are new, i.e. less than 12 months old.

No. The deposit is payable only by credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners).

All the rates include unlimited mileage.

Yes you can, but in that case you will be charged a delivery fee or a vehicle collection fee in the amount of EUR 28.00 + VAT for deliveries within the city where we have an office. For deliveries in the cities where we do not have offices, you can contact the nearest office and arrange the price of the same.

Yes. In the event that the lease was extended for several days, our colleagues in the office will make additional pre-authorization on your credit card.

You are not required to clean the vehicle before returning, however if the vehicle is extremely filthy and needs dry cleaning of the interior, it can incur a cleaning charge.

In the event of damage to the vehicle you are obliged to call the police and ask a police report on the same and inform any of the branches that will assist you and arrange a tow truck and a replacement vehicle if needed.

No, but we strongly recommend that you buy them. In case you do not have our insurance policies, you will be charged for any possible damage to the vehicle, depending on the amount of the same up to the maximum amount of the franchise for each vehicle.

The credit card holder is required to come to the office to collect the vehicle and sign a lease agreement and a pre-authorization for a damage deposit.

Yes, but if you are traveling to non-EU countries you must pay Cross border fee.