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Why is it important to rent a car in Split on time and what does the booking process look like?

What exactly do we mean when we say book "on time"? We think of booking at least 24 hours in advance and, if possible, even a few days or weeks in advance.

The process of booking a car in Split - Oryx Rent a car

Of course, booking a car at the last minute is sometimes unavoidable for several reasons and life circumstances. But if you can, we recommend that you book your car rental in Split as early as possible.

And why is this important and what does the whole process of booking and renting a car in Split look like? Find out below! 

Book on time and plan easier 

There are several reasons why timely car booking is important, and the basic one is the possibility of more detailed and simple planning. 

Booking a car in advance will no doubt make it easier for you to plan, both everyday life and travel, and prevent these plans from falling into the water. You will be able to plan your budget on time, the exact time of departure, as well as the time of picking up and returning the vehicle. 

And if you are traveling during the tourist season in Split when crowds are frequent and many vehicles are already taken, timely booking is the only way to secure a vehicle. It is good to know that car rental prices often increase during the tourist season, and by booking online at least 24 hours in advance you can get a vehicle at a better price and maybe even get a certain discount. 

Lastly, planning ahead will leave you plenty of time to resolve any potential travel concerns, gather additional car rental information, and choose a vehicle category just to your liking. 

What does the car rental process in Split look like? 

In Split, you can rent your car very quickly and easily, by following a few basic steps:

1. Search the rental company's website 

Since vehicle reservations are now made online at all major companies, the first step is to go to the company's website and look for a booking page or form. Here you will fill in basic information such as the place and date of collection of the vehicle and the place and date of return of the vehicle.

2. Select a vehicle 

After entering the basic information, the next and probably the most interesting step is choosing a car. Consider the type of travel, consider whether you will only drive through Split or travel longer distances and how many passengers will be in the car. Based on this, choose the ideal model and type of vehicle. 

3. Select insurance / protection package 

Insurance and protection of drivers and vehicles are very important, so do not forget to check the insurance conditions that come with the agreed car rental. In addition, you can choose an additional insurance package that best suits your needs given the type and length of travel. 

4. Choose accessories

Do you need GPS navigation, a child seat or something else? Explore the accessory options you can rent along with the vehicle and make your ride as enjoyable as possible. ORYX Rent a car in the beautiful city of Split has a wide range of top accessories with which you can always drive carefree and safe. 

5. Pick up your car on the agreed day 

The last step is to take over the car at the office itself. ORYX Rent a car in Split has two offices where you can pick up or return your rented vehicle - one in the city center, and the other at the airport. When booking online, you can choose the branch that is closest to you and thus further facilitate the entire rental process. 

Changes and cancellations 

Wondering if it is possible to make subsequent changes to the reservation or even cancel it if necessary? Professional car rental companies almost always offer these options. 

In ORYX, for example, you can subsequently select additional equipment and change the time or place of collection of the vehicle, and you can also cancel the reservation without any additional fee. 

Have a nice trip! 

Now that you know what the process of booking a car looks like and what are all the advantages of timely rental planning, visit the ORYX Split car rental, book your ideal vehicle and enjoy the ride! We are at your disposal for any additional questions and information.